Is Christmas Purely a Christian Celebration?

Is Christmas Purely a Christian Celebration?


Millions of people across the globe celebrate Christmas on December 25th.  But what does it actually mean?

To much of the younger generation, it’s turkey with all the trimmings, a big tree in your living room and a time to exchange gifts of endearment with your loved ones.

To some it is a time when people get into far too much debt and retail outlets double their prices, making fat healthy profits.

And to many it is a Christian religious festival, celebrating the birth of Jesus.

It is often assumed that our Muslim friends do not celebrate Christmas but here follows, a few facts that may surprise you:

  1. Muslims believe Jesus to be a prophet of God. And he is mentioned in the Quran over 100 times.
  2. Mary is the only woman in the Quran mentioned by name. There is a whole chapter in the Quran named ‘Mary’.
  3. Muslims believe in the divine birth of Jesus.
  4. Muslims also believe that God gifted Jesus with the ability to bring the dead back to life, to heal, to restore sight to the blind and, like Christians, in his second coming back to this world.

Just as Muslims have a deep love and respect for Jesus, they are also taught to love and respect their Christian friends. Notably throughout the world, Muslims and Christians have lived side by side for over 100 years.

There are many more similarities besides, which means Christianity and Islam have much more in common than many think.

Stepping aside the world religions for the moment, my son mentioned to me that Christmas was one of his favourite times of the year. When I asked him why, he said:

“It’s one of the only times of the year, when people deliberately go out of their way to be nice to one another, and so what if it’s commercial. If that’s what it takes for families to get together and show their love for one another, then that’s a good thing. Without it, people might just forget – and what a miserable world that would be.”

So, what is Christmas to you?

A religious celebration?

A chance to get that new PS4 game without paying for it?


A feeling and positive state of mind that inspires families and friends to connect?

Whatever it means to you I hope your Christmas was wonderful, from your friends at Cookson Spice Ltd.

Till next time…